Intermediate Guide To Vaping


Intermediate devices require a little more knowledge and know-how to operate, and once you achieve this knowledge you’ll begin to experience the benefits. Such as better battery life and bigger cloud production. In many cases, the intermediate devices are usually better tailored to provide a more premium experience.

Sub-Ohm Vaping
You may well have heard this phrase used quite often in the world of vaping, especially in the last year or so as sub-ohm vaping has evidently taken over the vaping world.
Sub-Ohming refers to vaping on a device with a resistance level of less than 1.0 Ohms. All beginner style coils operate at more than 1.0 ohms. However, most coils generally sought after are capable of going below this point, these are ‘sub-ohm coils’.
The benefits of sub-ohm vaping are to put it simply, better flavour and more vapour production. As the vaping market has grown, the most commonly used devices are capable of delivering these results. 

Coils / Tanks
New coils on the market today have been created which are capable of firing at low resistance levels. Meaning more power is needed to get them to work well. Resulting in the flavour being improved aswell as the vapour production. We are seeing an array of new tanks hit the market, each with their own claim of producing the best flavour and vapour production.
The majority of these sub-ohm tanks use low resistance coils, some as low as 0.15 ohms, via temperature sensing, with the most popular and common resistance being 0.5 ohms.
Whichever resistance you prefer will require a certain amount of power in order to be used effectively. For example, a 0.5 ohm coil needs at least 30 watts of power to be used effectively. A 0.15 ohm coil would need around 60-70 watts to be used effectively. Most coils on the market today usually state the amount of power required for optimum use. This is why you will see people using high powered devices with their sub-ohm tanks and coils.

Premium E-Liquid / Juices 
Premium Juices! Premium juices are popular for good reason. They give immense flavour and allow you to create HUGE CLOUDS!
So what’s the difference between premium and non-premium E-Liquids? Product, flavours, consistency and VG/PG ratios. We should start by noting that there is nothing wrong with non-premium E-Liquids. There is such a wide variety of flavours on the market today there is something for everyone!

Here at OhMyVape we have a wide range of ever increasing E-Liquids to suit everyone’s needs, with detailed descriptions of the key flavour notes and the VG/PG concentration levels you are sure to find something to suit your preference!

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